The development of banking in the digital era is very interesting to examine because it has great opportunity to continue to grow Moreover, the 4.0 revolution marks the start of digital transformation which can contribute to the banking industry for Indonesia.

On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has also played a role in change in human style and way of life which have had an impact on the development of banking in the current digital era. All restrictions on activies and interactions between humans inevitably make digital models an alternative.

Furthermore, berkembangnya fintech (financial technology) as well as other tchnology partners is a challange for technological developments in the digitalization era. This needs to be a concern, because when banks can't keep up with these developments, fintech and technology partner can dominate society

So, banks must be able to improve their services through digital banking so they can get oppotunities to attract more customer. Apart from that, the banking strategy in the digital era is in fact also an implementation of the directives by the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)

One effort that shows that banks continue to innovate in the development of digital banking in Indonesia is a BRI product called BRIAPI

Development of Banking in the Digital Age

One of the factors causing the growing development of banking services in Indonesia in the digital field is due to the COVID-19, which has caused various activities to be diverted so that they can implement health protocols.

Even before the actual pandemic non-cash transactions have started to increase its use, but Covid-19 plays a role in accelerating the digitaliation process.

The development of banking in the digital era is also proven based on records from Bank Indonesia that digital public financial transactions are growing. This goes hand in hand with people's preferences and expectations for make digital payments, shop online, as well as acceleration of digital banking programs, including internet banking and mobile banking.

Because of this unique new phenomenon, the OJK also issues Blueprint of Banking Digital Transformation in 2021 ago. The blueprint list's 5 important components related to digital banking service policies.

These elements are technology, risk management, data implementation guidelines, institutional arrangements in banking, and collaboration

OJK als explained a number of opportunities awaiting banking developments in Indonesia at this time in the filed of digitalization, especially during the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 and COVID-19. In addition, there are many target customers or consumers from bankig services in Indonesia and have great potential in the success of banking digitalization

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Digital Banking Strrengthening Strategy

The development of banking in the current digital era looks very good. Even so, a strategy is still needed to be able to deal with various  banking challanges in the digital era.

OJK has prepared several strategies for general and sharia banking to be able to face the challenges of digitalization development. The roadmap for 2020-2025 contains four strategic directions that can serve as guidelines. Some of them are:

  • Strengthening the structure and excellence in competition. This is done by accelerating consolidation and strengthening of bank business groups, increasing aspects of capital, strengthening efficiency,
  • Digital transformation acceleration.The trick is to strengthen the inside Information Technology (IT) governance and risk management, Helping IT play a role as game changers, increasing cooperation in IT, as well as the implementation of advancer digital banks 
  • Strengthening the role of banking. This done through deepening the financial market with multi-activity businesses, increasing education and access to finance, to utilizingbanking developments in the digital era to optimize economic financing, encouraging Islamic banking to be able to becme a catalyst for the Islamic digital economy, and strengthening bank participation for sustainable financing 
  • Strengthening banking licensing, regulation and supervision,by increasing supervision, strengthening licensing, a principle based approach, and strengthening consolidated supervision using technology.

BRIAPI Contribution to the Indonesian Digital Ecosystem

perkembangan perbankan digital

If you come froma company, educational institution, goverment or similiar third party, BRIAPI services can be an option. This can help so that your field of activity or bussiness can be digized in terms of transactions and adapt to technological advances

BRIAPI is a service from BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) which aims to answer the need for easy fast banking services. BRIAPI is a form of banking development in the digital era in the form of an Application Programming Interface (API) or an application programming interface that can facilitate the intergration of parties from third-party applications to services from BRI 

The presence of BRIAPI aims to make all banking transactions from companies and institution in this digital age more accessible and smoother. Some of its products include BRI Direct Debit, BRIZZI, Fund Transfer, Cardless Cash Withdrawal, BRIVA, Fund Transfer External, serta QRIS.

Following are some examples of the results of cooperation between BRIAPI and several other parties.

1. Increased K24Klik Transactions Up to 200%

The K24Klik application is an application for buying drugs online. Since integrating this application with BRIAPI, K24Klik transactions have increased by up to 200% due to BRIVA products.

Thanks to the development of banking in the digital era, buying medicines and medical devices is now easier through applications with fully digital transactions. The existence of BRIVA helps the application overcome challenges in the form of limited payment methods, so that more consumers make transactions.

2. Payment for Fiberconnect Products is Easier After Integrating with BRIAPI

After integrating BRIAPI, Fiberconnect which is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) service provider has succeeded in increasing the number of digital subscribers per year. Now, as many as 70% of their customers use BRIVA as a payment method. This is very helpful for customers who are constrained in making conventional payments.

3. Payment for New Student of Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University

The development of banking in the digital era brings benefits, one of which is the ease of access to payments for education. Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University is collaborating with BRIAPI to pay tuition fees for new students using the online method, thereby increasing the percentage of these transactions to 100%. This also helps accelerate the payment of student tuition fees.

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Seeing the banking developments in the digital era above and the role of BRIAPI in developing the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, you can be sure to integrate with BRIAPI.

You can view BRIAPI products here and explore the page to find features suitable for digital transaction needs in your application or institution.