Introduction Cardless Cash Withdrawal

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What is Cardless Cash Withdrawal?

The rapid growth of digital transactions in Indonesia has encouraged BRI to innovate in providing convenience for transactions to the public. The increase in the use of mobile financial applications is one of the factors for changing people's behavior in fulfilling daily transaction life. With these conditions, BRI offers cardless cash withdrawal features at ATM machines and BRI CRM which can be done by BRI customers and BRI business partners. Business partners who have collaborated with BRI can take advantage of this service to make it easier for users to make cash withdrawals through BRI ATMs/CRMs. Service users from BRI Business Partners can enter the virtual account number that is displayed on the Business Partner application and then use it to access the cardless cash withdrawal feature available at BRI ATMs/CRMs. With this service, users of the Business Partner application can comfortably withdraw wallet balances in cash at BRI ATMs throughout Indonesia.