PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (“BRI” or “We”) fully understand that private data protection is an important thing, in doing so we are committed to protect the the secrecy of your private data in using our service at Developer Portal BRIAPI (“Website”).

We ask you to read and understand our privacy policy as knowing of:

  1. About us Information
  2. Legality of private data processing
  3. The purpose of private data processing
  4. Type and revelancy of the private data that will be processed
  5. Time period of private data retention
  6. Details about the gathered information
  7. Time period of private data processing
  8. The right of private data subject
  1. About Us Information

    BRIAPI Developer Portal is a website that allows the user to register themselves in order to be able to use BRIAPI features and products. The features available at BRIAPI Developer Portal website are:

    • BRIAPI Developer Portal allows the user to create API application which contain data that allows the user to make API transactions.
    • Allows the user to register themselves using full name, email, and password.
    • Allows the user to change the password by sending the reset password link to the registered email.
    • Freely read the API documentation.
  2. How Do We Gather You Private Data?

    1. In order to process your private data and using the website, we can gather and use your information in many ways and for many purposes (including the purpose that has been allowed by regulators).
    2. We can gather your information or your device information directly using the website registration feature or data transferred by your device to our server, like your profile information but not limited to:
      1. Full Name.
      2. Email.
      3. Username.
      4. Password.
      5. Being a member since.
      6. Last active time.
  3. The Purpose of Private Data Processing

    1. We will only process the private data that you have been approved or by other reason that have been regulated by the law, such as:
      1. Fulfillment of contractual obligations to provide services available on the website, such as using the features available on the website or other technical support
      2. Fulfillment of our legal obligations in accordance with statutory provisions;
      3. Fulfillment of your vital interests;
      4. Fulfillment of duties in the context of public interest, public service, or exercise of our authority based on laws and regulations; and/or
      5. Fulfillment of other legitimate interests by taking into account our goals, needs and balancing our interests with you.
    2. We process your personal data solely to provide our services, such as:
      1. Identify and register you as a website user.
      2. Providing and using services or features available on our website services.
      3. Informing you about our products, services, features, programs and events.
      4. Administer, manage, and verify the information available on the website.
      5. To evaluate, develop and update website features or services from time to time.
      6. To carry out troubleshooting related to API access.
    3. The following types and relevance of Personal Data will be processed:Your Profile Information. Profile Information is information contained in our website, We use your profile information for the following purposes, including:
      1. Register and identify you as a website user.
      2. Communicate or send information in connection with the use of our services via registered email.
      3. MPrevent actions that have the potential to harm your account, for example asking you to change your password and so on.
  4. Private Data Storage

    1. KWe are committed to keeping your Personal Data with the best protection as long as necessary for the provision of website services.
    2. We will retain personal data as mentioned above as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which the personal data was collected, while you are still using the service or as long as such storage is required and/or permitted in accordance with BRI's data retention policy and the laws and regulations in force in Republic of Indonesia.
  5. Private Data Subject Right

    1. You may have certain rights based on applicable laws and regulations to ask us for access, correction and/or deletion of your personal data which is in our control and control. As long as this right is available to you in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, you can exercise this right by contacting us through the contact provided in the Contact Us section below.
    2. You need to know that we have the right to refuse your request for access, correction of and/or deletion of some or all of your personal data that we control or control if permitted or required based on applicable laws and regulations. This includes situations where the personal data contains the personal data of other people or requests for access or requests to correct or delete are for reasons that we deem irrelevant, not serious, difficult, or of no interest.
  6. Contact Us

    For more details on how we will use your personal data please see our general privacy policy at the following link Privacy Policy For further information please contact:  

    • Whatsapp Helpdesk BRIAPI: +6281292915801
    • Email:
  7. Acknowledgment and Consent

    1. By using our services, you entrust your information to us. We understand that protecting your information and giving you control is a big responsibility and requires hard work.
    2. By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy and agree to all of its terms. In particular, you consent to us collecting, using, sharing, disclosing, transferring, storing or processing your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
    3. This Privacy Policy may be changed or updated from time to time to ensure compliance with future developments in our services and/or changing legal or regulatory requirements. We suggest that you always read carefully and check this page from time to time to find out about changes to our Privacy Policy. In the event that we make changes or updates to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you of these changes through a public notification published via your registered email address, and/or other media. You acknowledge that your continued access to or use of our website after changes to this Privacy Policy will be considered as your agreement to this Privacy Policy and all of its changes.