With BRIAPI, Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University provides online access payment for students to carry out various transactions.

Get to Know Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University

Dayanu Ikhsanuddin University (UNIDAYAN) is the first private university in Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi. Founded in 1982, UNIDAYAN also became the first private university in Buton Island to administer the Postgraduate Program. With 8 best faculties for its students, UNIDAYAN ranks first as the best private university in Southeast Sulawesi Province.

UNIDAYAN collaborates with BRIAPI to provide online access payment for student admissions. Since then, the Butonese community can conduct any transaction related to student payment. With the BRIAPI service, UNIDAYAN eventually has succeeded in increasing student payment transactions by up to 100 percent.


Since the last three years, admission of new students has been a problem for UNIDAYAN. It keeps decreasing and by the time the Covid-19 pandemic arrives, the situation just gets worse. The latest study states that new student admissions at private universities decreased by 30 percent during the pandemic.

UNIDAYAN also has its own unique problem: many of its students come from remote parts of Buton Islands. They have limited access to technology and information, making it difficult for UNIDAYAN to reach students, and vice versa. Therefore, UNIDAYAN strives to provide convenience for them to reach higher education. As an effort, they have been working closely with Bank BRI.

“We have been supported by amazing facilities and features from Bank BRI such as BRILink to connect us with the students, especially those who live in remote Buton areas. Through this collaboration, we have succeeded in opening wider access to education," said Dr. H. Andi Tenri, M.Si, Vice-Rector for Cooperation of UNIDAYAN.

Indeed, Bank BRI has been helping the Butonese student at UNIDAYAN. However, this is not enough. UNIDAYAN still needs to improve the quality of its services and facilities. And this is where BRIAPI then comes into the game.


Solutions offered by BRIAPI to UNIDAYAN

Since April 2020, UNIDAYAN has been in contact with BRIAPI to integrate API services from BRI. A sole purpose is on the mind: providing access to online payments for prospective students as well as active students. Ultimately in December 2020, BRIVA API and the Account Information API were officially integrated with UNIDAYAN.

The two services are in fact extremely handy for all sorts of payment. In fact, BRIVA API and the Account Information API have succeeded in increasing student payment rates.

Previously, it took three months to collect payments from 400-1000 students. Today, they only need one month to process transactions from around 5000 students. It means that UNIDAYAN students leverage an easy and convenient payment feature given by BRIAPI services.

In addition, by providing access to BRIVA payments, students living in remote areas of Buton can pay any student fee easily. They do not need to travel to the campus. Simply by accessing a BRIVA code from their home, transactions will be done in no time.

Speaking about the result, Vice-Rector Andi states that more opportunities have taken place since the UNIDAYAN partnership with BRIAPI was established. “Bank BRI has helped us in preparing and further establishing the system. In addition to making it easier for students, we also capture other benefits from BRIAPI services, which is expanding the reach of new student admissions, notably in Eastern Indonesia."

“Our integration with BRIAPI simply gives access to prospective students to register and make their payment much easier than ever. All processes run effectively and efficiently. And from our point of view, administratively everything becomes more organized since all transactions are automatically recorded."

Integration Process

With numerous steps that must be passed, the integration process itself is actually not a big problem for UNIDAYAN. Since BRIAPI customer service is always ready on the call, they receive any information needed when integrating the APIs.

“From the developer's point of view, it doesn’t take much time or complicated stuff throughout the process. We are assisted by BRIAPI customer service so that our local server and the BRIAPI server can be connected. It only takes one month to carry out the entire integration, documentation, and system testing," said Reza Rafiq MZ, UNIDAYAN IT Staff who is responsible for all integration processes with BRIAPI.

As of this writing, BRIAPI is the only API from a bank that is integrated with UNIDAYAN. Although there are various offers from others, only BRIAPI can answer UNIDAYAN's needs and is relevant to what they are facing nowadays.

“Nothing is as complete as BRIAPI. They understand our needs, and all of BRIAPI's services answer them. There’s no reason to not have a good partnership with them," Reza emphasized

What’s Next from UNIDAYAN and BRIAPI

UNIDAYAN's vision as a top university will be achieved together with BRIAPI

"Being a Prominent University in Eastern Indonesia in 2035" is a vision declared by UNIDAYAN as the best private university in Southeast Sulawesi. "Prominent" here means that both UNIDAYAN and all of its programs will get A in the national accreditation for university.

To reach its vision, one of their efforts is to improve the quality of infrastructure and facilities. This is where BRIAPI is positioned as UNIDAYAN’s trusted partner. BRIVA API and Account Information API become the foundation of this collaboration, especially on the digital transformation aspect.

In the future, BRIAPI and UNIDAYAN will try to accomplish other long-term plans. Integrating UNIDAYAN Student Identity Card with BRI ATM card has become one of them. A single, multi-purpose card that will certainly help UNIDAYAN students in terms of payment transactions.

Vice-Rector Andi hopes that the cooperation between UNIDAYAN and BRIAPI in the information and technology field will be nurtured for a better future. He realizes that BRIAPI's active roles bring positive impacts in expanding education access, especially to Eastern Indonesia. Hopefully, everyone can get access to better education by studying at UNIDAYAN.

"We believe that by continuing to collaborate with BRIAPI, UNIDAYAN's vision in 2035 will be achieved," he said.

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