Account Information

Find information about name, status, and balance from your bank account

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What is Account Information ?

There is always a record for current/remaining fund balance in every bank accounts. This record is called account information or account balance.

To gain access to check your company’s current account balance, BRIAPI offers this API account balance. API will give you an easy way to check your company’s real-time account balance directly from your business’ dashboard. Thus, your internal team can monitor the financial activities and make a financial plan easier and faster.

Every bank account has a record of the current and remaining fund balances, known as the account balance. To make it easier for you to monitor your company's current account balance, BRIAPI provides an API called "account balance." With this API, you can quickly and easily check your company's real-time account balance directly from your business dashboard. This allows your internal team to monitor financial activities and create financial plans more efficiently.