Digital transformation has become the key to keeping it up to date with today's conditions. A survey from Deloitte reports that 67% of companies that carry out digital transformation becoming more superior to competitors who are not doing it, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a leading bank, BRI continues to digitally transform the company. With ‘The Most Valuable Banking Group in South East Asia & Champion of Financial Inclusion in 2025’ vision being on track, BRI has strengthened every digitalization aspects within the company.

As a result, BRI customers are on the course in transforming themselves to digital. Director of Digital and Information Technology BRI Arga M. Nugraha stated that 96.7% of BRI customer activities had already used digital channels, leaving behind another 3.3% who come to branch offices.

It proves that BRI has genuinely carried out a digital transformation. Furthermore, BRI's digitalization also supports its acceleration for customers and partners. It aligns with BRI's digital transformation goals: efficiency and digitalization to create new business models and values.

What is Digital Transformation?

BRI partners drive digital transformation in their companies with BRIAPI

Digital transformation is the adoption and use of technology to transform business strategies and processes into digital. If executed with a proper strategy, digital transformation can increase the efficiency of time, resources, and create various innovative ideas for company growth.

In the business context, digital transformation has sparked the creation of new business models and revenue streams. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing accelerate the transformation processes. Meanwhile, basic technologies such as data management and analytics are increasingly necessary to analyze large amounts of data.

Why Is Digital Transformation Important?

In the technological disruption era, digital transformation plays a crucial role in responding to the diverse needs of market and consumers. In addition, competitive business environments makedigital transformation as a competitive advantage for a company over its competitors.

Here are four reasons why digital transformation is essential:

1. Improve data processing capabilities

For every company, data is a treasure. Through digital transformation, analyzing large amounts of data can be done quickly and accurately. Thus, companies can find out consumer needs ahead of the time and tackle them by developing appropriate services.

2. Create a satisfying customer experience

Digital transformation helps the emergence of various digital products. Thus, it is crucial to create a satisfying customer experience for them. According to Accenture, customer experience is a key factor for sustainable business growth.

3. Increase productivity

With the right technology tools, companies can manage workflows to be more organized—increasing productivity as the outcome. Through automation and comprehensive data integration, digital transformation supports employees to work more efficiently.

4. Respond to market needs

Indonesia has promising digital economic potential. Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs reports that Indonesia’s digital economy value could reach IDR 1,775 trillion by 2025. Therefore, digital transformation encourages businesses to respond the market needs.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation Through BRIAPI Open Banking


One of digital transformation initiatives undertaken by BRI is empowering Indonesia’s open banking ecosystem. To do this, BRI has BRIAPI, an accelerator for BRI products integration with more than 475 partners’ digital ecosystems.

From e-commerce, fintech, ride-hailing, API enabler, health tech, to non-digital companies such as educational and government institutions; they all have become significant part of BRI's digital transformation. In fact, BRIAPI recorded a massive increase in sales volume of up to 229.8% year-on-year (YoY) to IDR 182.78 trillion. It is because in 2021, there were more than 235.1 million transactions through BRIAPI.

BRI's success in achieving an increase in sales volume, transactions, and fee-based income (FBI) from BRIAPI is a cleat proof of how a company runs a successful digital transformation. This achievement is the hard work result of BRILian team, BRIAPI marketers, and collaboration with all partners.

BRIAPI's achievement is also a manifestation of BRI's commitment to providing the best digital banking services. It aligns with BRIAPI's goal to open the collaboration gate among partners and support Indonesia's digital economy. Therefore, in terms open banking, BRIAPI have succeeded in accelerating Indonesia's digital transformation

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Corporate Digital Transformation Use Cases with BRIAPI


Transformasi digital Dunex dengan integrasi BRIAPI

PT. Dunia Express Transindo (Dunex) is a total logistics company that provides various logistics services, such as export-import, warehouse storage, and delivery of goods. With three decades of experience in the logistics industry, Dunex has one huge issue: there are still cumbersome manual processes going on.

One of the examples is daily travel fees to their drivers. They have to manually input data for each driver. Whereas, by the number of transactions, there are around 1000 logistics drivers that will accept the payment. It is undoubtedly inconvenient when everyting goes through manual methods.

Thus, Dunex seeks to create a more efficient and effective payment system through automation and digitalization. One of Dunex's efforts is integrating their system with BRIAPI.

Since January 2022, Dunex has officially been integrated with Transfer to BRI Account and Account Statement. Thanks to BRIAPI, Dunex has succeeded in digitalizing payments, notably for paying the travel fees.

As a result, Dunex has already automated the payment process. They even cut transaction process duration by up to 20 minutes. From now on, Dunex will continue to optimize BRIAPI potential for the sake of company's business development

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Logo Xendit

Xendit is a financial technology (fintech) company that provides payment solutions and simplifies payment processes for businesses in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia. In 2021, Xendit made a proud achievement after successfully becoming the newest unicorn startup in Indonesia due to their Series-C funding worth US$150 million or equivalent to Rp2.1 trillion.

As a payment gateway solution, Xendit integrates BRIAPI to enrich digital payment methods for its merchants. Two BRIAPI products integrated with Xendit, BRI Direct Debit and Transfer to BRI Account, can provide access to digital payments for customers.

As a result, Xendit merchants can conduct online payments through BRI's digital payment options. The payment process becomes more accessible, faster, and more secure. In addition, Xendit is also developing automation capabilities through BRIAPI so they can minimize manual operations.

Dunex and Xendit are two examples of companies that utilize BRIAPI open banking services. Although both of them operate in different industries, BRIAPI can drive digital transformation in logistics companies and the payment gateway sector.

It means that BRIAPI flexibility as an open banking service can be implemented in every type of companies and industries. Furthermore, BRIAPI helps automate manual processes—the real essence of digital transformation. So, optimize your business through digital transformation with BRIAPI open banking service!