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Getting Started

BRIAPI is an Application Programming Interface (API) developed by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. which facilitates the integration between BRI banking services and your application or website. Start your adventure with the BRIAPI.


First of all, you must Register on the BRIAPI website. Click registration in the upper right corner of the homepage and complete your personal data starting from First Name, Last Name, User ID, Email and registration form which requires you to state that you have agreed to the applicable Terms and Conditions

Registration Form

Wait for the activation email to be sent to your inbox, then follow the link provided to activate your BRIAPI account.

Setting Password

Congratulations, you are one step closer to the development of BRIAPI.

Create Portal App

You will get a key and secret to use the BRI Sandbox which allows you to create applications on the web developer portal.

Add New App

Then click "New App" Fill in the app name and leave the Callback URL blank. In this example, we can choose inquiry-sandbox You can also modify and add other products according to your business needs. You can create a new app portal to get the key and secret to use. Create App Form

After that, a new app portal will form in the My Apps menu. Click the name of the application you created to see details regarding the application.

App Detail

The most important thing on that page is the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. This key and secret will be needed to access our sandbox environment.

Do not share your Credentials (key and secret) with unauthorized persons!.

Make Your First Request

Finally, you arrive at the final step to start integrating BRIAPI into your application. All endpoints in BRIAPI are REST-based and use JSON format. We recommend Postman to ease your integration to our API. In this guide, you will create a request to our Account Information API.

Before you start, please download the Postman collection and environment Import the downloaded files into your Postman.

Import EnvironmentImport Environment

Fill id_key with Consumer Key and secret_key with your Consumer Secret .

Input Key and Secret

After importing and filling your key and secret, you can start making a request to BRIAPI. First of all, hit the Get Token request. Every endpoint will check this token to decide whether you are authorized or not.

Input Key and Secret

curl -X POST '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
-H 'client_id={{KEY}}&client_secret={{SECRET}}'\

If you are using the provided Postman collection, all you need to do is open the Get Token endpoint and press 'Submit'. You will get detailed information regarding your BRIAPI account. Please note the access_token variable containing the token to be used in every API request. This is explained in more detail in the Authentication section.


Get Token example response:

        "refresh_token_expires_in": "0",
        "api_product_list": "[inquiry-sandbox]",
        "api_product_list_json": [
        "organization_name": "bri",
        "": "",
        "token_type": "BearerToken",
        "issued_at": "1557891212144",
        "client_id": "8E20dpP7KtakFkShw5tQHOFf7FFAU01o",
        "access_token": "R04XSUbnm1GXNmDiXx9ysWMpFWBr",
        "application_name": "317d0b2f-6536-4cac-a5f0-3bc9908815b3",
        "scope": "",
        "expires_in": "179999",
        "refresh_count": "0",
        "status": "approved"

We also provide the curl command if you don't like using Postman. Replace {{KEY}} with your Consumer Key and {{SECRET}} with your Consumer Secret. Please omit the {{ and }}

Get Token

curl -X GET '' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {{TOKEN}}' \

You can try calling Account Information after getting a successful response from Get Token. Insert the token you got to the Authorization header. If you use our Postman collection, everything will be done automatically because we added some script to automate it. But, if you are using curl, you have to copy and paste the token manually. We provide for the curl command snippet next to this text. Replace {{TOKEN}} with the token you get from the Get Token request you made earlier. Replace {{TIMESTAMP}} with current timestamp in ISO8601 format. Replace {{SIGNATURE}} with signatures generated based on the algorithm explained in Signature Don't forget to omit the {{ and }}

You can use Account Information after getting a successful response from Get Token. Enter the token you got into the Authorization Header. If you use your Postman collection, everything will be done automatically because we added some scripts to automate the process. But, if you use Curl, you can manually copy and paste the token. We provide the curl command snippet next to this text. Replace {{TOKEN}} with the token you got from the Get Token request you made earlier. Replace your {{TIMESTAMP}} with a time format in the form of ISO8601. Replace {{SIGNATURE}} with a signature created based on the Signature algorithm described earlier. Don't forget to remove the {{ and }} signs.

Account Information

You will get a successful response if you input a valid token, signature and timestamp. To simplify implementation, just use Postman that we provided earlier.