Introduction of the Directorate General of State’s Asset, Ministry of Finance

The Directorate General of State’s Asset (DJKN), which was established under Presidential Regulation Number 66 of 2006, is one of the directorates under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia with the task to manage state’s assets. Additionally, DJKN is responsible for correcting the balance values in the Central Government Financial Statements (LKPP) and Ministry/Institution Financial Statements (LKKL). Both functions are expected to enhance efforts in Regulating State-Owned Goods (BMN), which consist of inventory, assessment, and mapping activities of BMN-related issues.

Considering the responsibility of managing state’s asset, which is the central position on the LKPP balance sheet, and as a contributor to the national economic development, DJKN is currently striving to undergo institutional transformation to enhance and sharpen DJKN's functions related to asset management and special mission management of state wealth.

In line with these efforts, DJKN is currently focusing on optimization and digital transformation to support the convenience of securing the state’s assets, given that reliable digital technology and e-government services have become one of the primary needs in facilitating services to the public. One of the digital transformation efforts undertaken is the optimization of services on the Indonesian Auction Portal. Therefore, in supporting the development of this portal, DJKN collaborates with BRIAPI to provide BRIVA Web Service (WS) and BRIVA Push Notification services to facilitate payment mechanisms and accelerate state revenue from the auction implementation side.


Potential and Challenges of State Revenue through the Mechanism of the Indonesian Auction Portal

Based on the Road Map data and the Directorate of Auctions Working Plan for 2019-2028, DJKN has performance targets for auctions in the form of Auction Principal and Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) to increase consistently each year. These targets are based on historical auction performance data, with a significant increase in auction principal target starting in 2018 reaching up to 30 trillion rupiahs. To achieve these potential auction targets, DJKN is striving to renew, develop, and reinforce to support the sustainability of auction services so that they stay in line with the concept of business process digitization through the use of adaptive, efficient, and sustainable information and communication technology.

In efforts to improve the technical development of applications for the Indonesian Auction Portal, the site is the primary DJKN service application that requires attention to ensure its alignment with the rapidly growing information technology developments. Considering the potential state revenue, auction implementation has tremendous potential to contribute to PNBP and also contribute to Central Tax Revenue (PPh) and Regional Tax Revenue (BPHTB). Therefore, efforts in developing this application are expected to enhance the potential revenue and state assets through auction mechanisms on the platform.


Solutions to Facilitate Transaction Payment in the Indonesian Auction Portal

BRI Virtual Account (BRIVA) is a digital payment method through a unique Virtual Account (VA) specifically created for each customer. For every transaction, customers will be directed to the assigned virtual account number to make payments.

In the transaction mechanism, customers can select the BRIVA payment option. Later, a customer ID in the form of a payment code will be automatically sent to the customer. The next step is for the customer to transfer funds directly to the virtual account number. If the transaction is valid, then it is completed.

In collaboration with BRI, DJKN utilizes BRIVA WS and BRIVA Push Notification services. BRIVA WS is used to simplify and accelerate payment transactions on the Indonesian Auction Portal, where this feature has advantages over manual transfers, as there is no need to manually confirm auction payments since the data will be automatically verified. Meanwhile, BRIVA Push Notification is used to provide notifications from the BRI system to DJKN when there is an auction transaction payment from a customer VA number.

These two features are expected to facilitate payment transactions that occur on the Indonesian Auction Portal, especially for users who are also BRI bank customers. This service will accelerate the payment transaction process because after making the transfer, users no longer need to confirm payments by sending transfer proof. On the other hand, DJKN will also receive information about auction transactions more easily and quickly, such as real-time information on incoming and outgoing payment transactions.



BRIAPI continues to provide excellent and optimal services based on a customer-oriented business approach and will continue to open collaborations with many merchants, institutions, and agencies throughout Indonesia. BRIAPI currently has more than 124 API services used by over 700 partners, with various classifications, such as education, financial technology, cooperative, government, state-owned enterprises, and others. This collaboration is expected to help customers facilitate and expand payment networks in their businesses, one of which is DJKN, which is currently contributing to national economic development through the management of state’s asset and wealth.

The collaboration between BRIAPI and DJKN is also part of BRI's strategy to engage a good cooperation that could have positive and sustainable impacts on the community's economy. This condition is expected to contribute in achieving financial inclusion targets in Indonesia.


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