It is undeniable that digital transactions are increasingly prevalent in Indonesia. According to Bank Indonesia, the growth rate of digital transactions will reach 50% in 2021. Coupled with increasing internet awareness, these factors ultimately encourage the use and increase of transactions in Indonesia's payment gateway services.

A payment gateway is a technology used by businesses to accept cashless payments using debit cards, credit cards, or electronic wallets from consumers. With a complete interface, this technology allows businesses to be able to access different banking services at once.

You can see how this innovation specifically contributed to the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia in the explanation below. In addition, you can also learn about the various features that BRI offers to develop Indonesia's payment gateway system.


The Role of Payment Gateways in Online Business

payment gateway dalam bisnis digital

Payment gateways play an important role for online businesses, including in the form of online stores. It is a channel that accepts transactions anytime and anywhere. Payment gateway Indonesia is also very helpful in various tasks related to digital transactions in addition to being an unlimited number of payment solutions safely, quickly, and conveniently.

These innovations in financial technology store customer details for tracking purposes at different times and increase customer satisfaction thanks to a simple payment flow.

As a business owner, you will need this service for online processing of debit cards, credit cards and e-wallets. Basically, a payment gateway works exactly according to the procedures you encounter on a point of sale (POS) device when you pay for food at a restaurant or shop at a retail outlet.

Therefore, you could say that the main role of Indonesian payment gateways is to ensure and secure your transactions at any time.


The Importance of Payment Gateways for Online Businesses and MSMEs

Although this technology is usually synonymous with large companies, Indonesian payment gateways are also important for small and medium-sized businesses. There are five benefits of using a payment gateway for online businesses, namely:

1. Reach a Larger Customer Base

Payment gateway Indonesia will allow you to accept online payments from anywhere in the world.

2. Making the Buying and Selling Experience More Comfortable

Shoppers can complete transactions conveniently following their lifestyle, schedule and preferences.

3. Accelerate Transaction Process

You can receive payments from your fingertips—via smartphone or laptop—perform transactions on your website, which is safe for receiving payments from buyers. If your marketplace or e-commerce is integrated with a payment gateway, especially through an API such as BRIAPI, your customers can complete transactions in just 5-10 minutes.

4. Ensure Transaction Security

You can do business without any worries as this service will ensure that your financial system is always encrypted.

5. Allows Recurring Billing

If your business offers subscription services, you can collect payments automatically using an auto-debit mechanism. As a result, the billing system is simpler and you can receive money into your bank account faster.

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BRIAPI Open Banking Supports Payment Gateway Indonesia

 open banking untuk payment gateway

The Indonesian financial industry is entering a period of rapid innovation. This sector is increasingly adaptive to the digital revolution and embraces new technologies to improve security during transactions and provide added value in the field of customer service.

One of the elements that played an important role in this evolution is the Application Programming Interface (API). Looking at the benefits, BRI has also developed BRIAPI, an open banking technology that presents a new way for customers to access banking services.

BRIAPI's main mission is to provide an easier, safer, and faster banking transaction experience. At the same time, BRIAPI also has ambitions to support the rapid development of Indonesia's payment gateway.

With the development of BRIAPI, BRI not only updates its IT infrastructure, but also improves customer satisfaction, expands product lines and distribution channels, provides better customer service and support, and continues to be at the forefront.

On the other hand, BRIAPI also allows BRI to deliver an innovative user experience that encourages BRI to grow and remain relevant in the new financial era with increasingly fierce competition.


Here's How BRI Strengthens Open Banking Security with BRIAPI

The open banking API is a communication method between third parties and a protected online banking system. The system provides a secure way to give providers access to users' financial information such as balances, account information, cash flow, and transactions. Thus, the API helps banks create new revenue streams through the distribution of services to third parties.

By utilizing BRIAPI, you can gain complete control over the use of your financial data and who can access it. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your data is handled under the best security standards throughout the process.

If the application is not up to standard, as a result the user's personal information is vulnerable to data breaches. As a result, you don't need to hesitate to integrate your business with various BRIAPI services, which are the best Indonesian payment gateway APIs.

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BRIAPI Product Range for Business Development

With BRIAPI, you as a business owner can make digital transactions easily. BRI's latest technology serves many functions needed by MSME activists, such as information and transactional.

You can get insights regarding expenses and deposits in your account to make it easier for you to manage cash flow through Movement Information. BRIAPI also allows you to verify your account balance in real-time as part of its informative product.

Moreover, you can easily transfer money from any device. BRI Direct Debit, BRIZZI, and BRIVA make your daily business easier through cashless payments.

It's even easier to top-up your e-wallet balance. If you are a Doku application user, for example, you don't have to worry about how to transfer BRI to Doku Wallet or how to top up Doku Wallet. Everything is in your hands.

Overall, BRIAPI is able to empower business owners and MSMEs, save time and money in managing their businesses, and ultimately provide more opportunities for them to develop their respective businesses.



Choosing the right payment gateway can revolutionize your online business. To reach more buyers and drive higher conversions, BRIAPI, which is also the best Indonesian payment gateway, offers a sophisticated and modern payment system.

Register for BRIAPI now to simplify your business operations and provide comprehensive financial protection.