Add e-money to replace cash as one of the payment options for customer transactions within your app.

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What is BRIZZI?

Digital revolution has led people to go cashless. Consumers now prefer digital payment options over cash, and this lifestyle has increased the popularity of chip-based e-money for transactions.

As the largest bank in Indonesia, BRI has its own e-money product for all kinds of transactions, named BRIZZI. BRIZZI accommodates payment transactions with values from Rp1 to Rp2.000.000. BRIZZI can be topped-up through EDC or ATM, can be used in BRI-partnered merchants, and customers can enjoy various promotions.

You can implement BRIZZI features into your digital apps through BRIZZI API in BRIAPI. With this API, customers can check their BRIZZI balance and top-up directly from your app. In addition, customers may also use BRIZZI for payments in your digital apps. This will enrich your payment options, especially if you run e-commerce business.

Available API for BRIZZI.

Here are available APIs for BRIZZI.

Validasi Nomor

Card number Validation

This API is used to validate whether the customer uses a valid BRIZZI card number or not when they top up their cards


Top Up

This API is used to recharge the BRIZZI card. The BRIZZI balance will be saved and updated on the BRIZZI backend.

Cek Top up Status.

Top Up Status Information

This API is used to check the card reload status. Normally, this endpoint will be used when you have a request to reload balances, but you don’t get a response from BRIAPI.