In response to the complexity of customer needs for a fast, easy, and secure payment system in the current era of open finance, SNAP has appeared as one of the innovative solutions. This situation is acknowledged by BRI, as one of the pioneers in implementing open API in Indonesia. Therefore, knowledge enhancement is necessary to improve the understanding of SNAP among its employees. This condition has also been undertaken to support the expansion and existence of SNAP within the Indonesian banking environment. After previously conducting knowledge enhancement in the regional offices, at this time, BRI held online knowledge enhancement in several branch office areas, namely the Malang and Padang Branch Offices (12/22/2023).

What interesting activities has BRI undertaken in the context of expanding the implementation of SNAP in its branch offices? Let's find out more in this article…


BRI has performed knowledge enhancement to branch offices to support the expansion of SNAP BI services

1. Knowledge Enhancement of SNAP

Currently, SNAP has improved efficiency and security in the payment system in Indonesia, particularly regarding digital payments from various banks. SNAP not only secures financial transactions, but also helps protect customers from irresponsible parties.

The knowledge enhancement is a strategic action to enhance understanding related to SNAP in supporting the payment system on BRIAPI's open API services, especially for BRI employees who assist API partner integration, ensuring that the process is more focused, fast, and efficient. This condition could benefit both Bank BRI as a service provider and businesses in providing optimal digital transaction services to their customers.


2. Knowledge of BRI Virtual Account (BRIVA) with SNAP mechanism

BRI Virtual Account (BRIVA) is a digital payment method through a specific virtual BRI account created for each customer, which has a unique number. For every transaction, customers will be directed to the assigned virtual account number to make payments.

In the transaction mechanism, customers can select the BRIVA payment option. Later, a customer ID in the form of a payment code will be automatically sent to the customer. The next step is for the customer to transfer funds directly to the virtual account number through the BRImo. If the transaction is valid, then the transaction is completed.

Although BRIVA is not a new product within the BRI environment, on this occasion, BRIAPI provides knowledge enhancements on BRIVA submission services by efficient and applicable SOPs. This initiative was undertaken to minimize human errors that could prolong the BRIAPI partner application process. With a strong understanding of the application process from the BRI employees, it is expected to enable a more efficient, fast, and focused BRIVA submission process from partners.


3. Discussion regarding issues related to the submission of BRIVA SNAP

Currently, BRIVA has become one of the high-volume API services at BRI, but the partner submission process for this product still has challenges. Through this knowledge enhancement, BRIAPI listens to grievances and receives suggestions and feedback from branch office employees, who are directly involved in the implementation of BRIVA SNAP BI submissions, especially employees at the operational level. In this discussion, BRIAPI and branch office employees are also committed to collaborating continuously to further enhance the partner submission service of BRIAPI for every open API product, including BRIVA.



BRI realizes that supporting the development of SNAP BI services in Indonesia is not only performed by optimizing the technology that is being used but also by optimizing human resources (HR)  through knowledge enhancements of SNAP. This activity is intended for all BRI employees, especially for employees who are directly involved in the operational-level implementation, such as Relationship Manager Funding and Transaction (RM FT), Relationship Manager Lending (RM Lending), and others.

Furthermore, although BRIVA has become one of the highly profitable products for BRI, BRIAPI continues to strive for the optimization of this product. One such effort is to conduct knowledge enhancement related to BRIVA submission followed by SNAP, aiming to enhance the understanding of BRI employees in the onboarding process for BRIAPI partner submissions. This condition is made to provide excellent and optimal services to all BRIAPI partners and BRI customers across Indonesia.

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