“By integrating Informational APIs from BRIAPI, it has enabled us faster process in confirmation and real-time transaction checking and monitoring. It has greatly reduced our lead time process and is more efficient.”

  • PT Tunas Dwipa Matra (TDM)

Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest number of motorcycle ownership in the world. Recent AISI (Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association) data mentioned that there are more than 80 million motorcycles across the country, or an average of ~85% of Indonesian households have at least one motorcycle at home. Among many brands, Honda is one of the market share winners of Indonesian motorcycles.

PT Tunas Dwipa Matra (TDM) is the main distributor of Honda motorcycles to several regions across Indonesia. TDM engaged in sales services to maintenance, repairment, and spare parts for Honda motorcycles, with more than 75 sales and maintenance outlets throughout the country. With the massive motorcycle sales and maintenance transactions in Indonesia, TDM integrated BRIAPI to smoothen its financial management system.

API used:

  • Account Balance
  • Account Statement

By integrating your business dashboard to APIs from Bank BRI, it will simplify your company's financial management, and enable obtaining and monitoring your company’s accounts in real time with no time and place limitations. The Account Balance API used by TDM can be utilized to check the latest company’s balance. The Account Statement API will provide you information on balance sheet including cash, account receivable, and transactions.These services are intended for businesses that need easy-to-use, modern, secure, and dynamic financial management.

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BRIApi Icon_Account Information.png Account Information

Find information about name, status, and balance from your bank account

Account Informational SNAP BI
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Account Information

TF TO BRI Transfer Between BRI

Transfer to BRI Account facilitates a Seamless and easy payment.

SNAP BI Transfer Transactional
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Transfer to BRI Account

validasi akun BRI BRI Account Inquiry

Easily check BRI account detail with this API

Account Informational SNAP BI
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Transfer to BRI Account

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BRIAPI continues to provide excellent and optimal services based on a customer-oriented business approach and will continue to open collaborations with many merchants, institutions, and agencies throughout Indonesia. BRIAPI currently has more than 124 API services used by over 700 partners, with various classifications, such as education, financial technology, cooperative, government, state-owned enterprises, and others. This collaboration is expected to help customers facilitate and expand payment networks in their businesses, one of which is DJKN, which is currently contributing to national economic development through the management of state’s asset and wealth.

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March 21, 2024
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