“BRIAPI has enabled one-stop integration for informational and transactional API, simplifying the process for our operation. In addition, BRIAPI has also supported our financial record process by providing a detailed transaction report.” 

  • Kredit Utama Fintech Indonesia

P2P Lending fintech has been offering innovations in faster and easier access to funding for the public. Especially amidst the pandemic, individuals and MSMEs now need better and faster access to funding to survive. The smooth and fast process from loan origination, approval, to disbursement is more vital than before. Hence, BRI developed and provided APIs through BRIAPI that can speed up the interlink process between banks and fintechs, accelerating services to the borrowers.

Kredit Utama Fintech Indonesia (KUFI) has put our APIs to great use. KUFI is a P2P lending fintech company that is already registered and licensed by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Through its brand, Rupiah Cepat that is accessible on Google Play Store, KUFI provides cash loan products with easy process and fast fund disbursement to its borrowers throughout the nation.

APIs Used:

  • Direct Debit
  • Transfer to BRI Account
  • Account Balance
  • Account Statement

KUFI implemented BRIAPI transactional APIs (Direct Debit, BRIVA, Fund Transfer) as well as informational APIs (Account Balance and Mutation Info) to Rupiah Cepat dashboard to ensure faster and secure fund disbursement to borrowers. All data exchange processes through BRIAPI are guaranteed safe based on international-standard data security certifications, such as ISO:27001 and PADSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard).

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BRIAPI Supports Digital Transformation at Sanata Dharma University

In order to support digital transformation at the university level, Sanata Dharma University cooperates with BRIAPI and implements a financial system that is easier, faster, safer, and transparent. With BRIAPI support, Sanata Dharma University strives to continue its transformation process.


June 03, 2022
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