"We are integrating API BRIVA to our business dashboard to complement payment options in our channels, to enable more alternative payment methods for our customers.”

  • Indogrosir

Consumers shopping behavior has shifted amidst pandemic, including in retail and wholesale shopping, where everything turned completely digital. Based on data from Bank Indonesia, there is a huge transaction influx of up to 42% through e-commerce. On the other hand, transactions at physical stores declined by 49%. Digital transactions now play an important role in increasing economic activity, especially with the restrictions during the pandemic.

However, this increase in digital transactions certainly must be supported by retailers and wholesaler networks with an easy, inclusive, and secure payment system, which can be obtained through implementation of open banking.

Indogrosir, a wholesaler network company that distributes to traditional and modern retailers, realizes that the integration of open banking will add value to customer experience in retail shopping. Indogrosir partnered up with BRIAPI to complement their payment options for online transactions by utilizing API BRIVA.

Indogrosir currently has a network of more than 600 suppliers and distributors, and partnered with more than 130,000 MSMEs. They also have gone digital by presenting various online shopping apps to the PPOB system. By implementing API BRIVA, Indogrosir customers to MSME partners can make simpler, automatic, and more secure payments using a unique code (Virtual Account number). They no longer need to confirm payments manually.

From the business side, integrating API BRIVA will enable automatic and real-time payment detection by system. Your business dashboard will immediately obtained transaction information and receipts in no time.

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