“BRIAPI has simplified and enriched our payment system. With BRIAPI, we can further expedite the company’s cash flow and still obtain competitive fees.”

  • Airpay International Indonesia

BRIAPI complemented Shopee’s payment system network

Indonesia’s e-commerce sector is predicted to have prominent growth potential. Google research reported that the total GMV of Indonesia’s e-commerce is estimated to reach US$82 Billion (~Rp1,2 Quadrillion) by 2025. This huge opportunity also increased competition to become fiercer among e-commerce players. E-commerce must provide the best service supported by strong logistics and payment system networks.

Shopee, Indonesia’s number 1 e-commerce company that takes fun, easy, and safe online shopping experiences by heart, knows how to prioritize this. Through PT Airpay International Indonesia, Shopee presented ShopeePay as an alternative payment method, becoming one of the most frequently used e-wallet in Indonesia.

To complement its payment options, ShopeePay partners with BRIAPI to easily integrate various e-commerce payment services into their dashboard, such as BRIVA, Fund Transfer, and BRIZZI.

APIs Used:

  • Transfer to Other Banks

The BRIVA API allows Shopee users to complete transactions more easily and quickly by using Virtual Account number, with no need to upload proof of payment like the conventional transfer process. In addition, Shopee also implemented BRI’s e-money service BRIZZI that enables Shopee users to top-up and access their BRIZZI directly through Shopee. All data exchange processes through BRIAPI are guaranteed safe based on international-standard data security certifications, such as ISO:27001 and PADSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard).

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BRIAPI Supports Digital Transformation at Sanata Dharma University

In order to support digital transformation at the university level, Sanata Dharma University cooperates with BRIAPI and implements a financial system that is easier, faster, safer, and transparent. With BRIAPI support, Sanata Dharma University strives to continue its transformation process.


June 03, 2022
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