Badan Keuangan Daerah Kabupaten Kepahiang finally enabled online payments after successfully integrating with BRIAPI.

Get to Know BKD Kab. Kepahiang

Badan Keuangan Daerah Kabupaten Kepahiang or Regional Finance Agency of Kepahiang Regency takes care of the regional financial, asset, and revenue management for the Kepahiang area only in Bengkulu.

Badan Keuangan Daerah Kabupaten Kepahiang or Regional Finance Agency of Kepahiang Regency takes care of the regional financial, asset, and revenue management for the Kepahiang area only in Bengkulu.


BKD Kepahiang employees solve the challenges they encounter

As the official government agency in Kepahiang that takes responsibility in good public services, especially in the domain of regional finance, there are issues that need to be addressed. One of them is the low accountability of the regional financial management due to the lack of digitization processes.

Let’s take local taxes admission as an example. Most of the tax payments in the region are still using manual payment methods, especially for taxpayers coming from remote villages. They prefer to entrust their tax funds to the tax collectors. However, this conventional method takes longer for the funds to be received by the Regional

Treasury Account, causing discrepancies in tax records. This is an endless obstacle that causes the regional financial statement to be unbalanced and unaccountable.

It is the perfect time for the Kepahiang regional government to take IT and digital economy needs seriously, as it is also mandated by the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy to accelerate the development and acceleration of Indonesia's digital transformation.

Now, BKD Kab. Kepahiang is responding to all those challenges by starting to digitize its financial services. This digitization is expected to improve the quality of their services and will lead to the increase of Kepahiang Regency's local revenue.

"Through digitization, we hope that we can support the government's program in implementing local government transaction electronification which will lead to better services for the Kepahiang community," said Head of Revenue Division of BKD Kab. Kepahiang, Amarullah Muttaqin.


To optimize the digitization of financial transactions in Kepahiang, BKD Kab. Kepahiang has been integrated with BRIAPI since June 2021. They use BRIVA API, a transactional API that provides payment access through customers’ virtual accounts.

For BKD Kab. Kepahiang, BRIVA provides tax payments services for taxpayers, especially in online PBB and BPHTB payments. Now, they can simply direct taxpayers to BRIVA access code for any required transactions.

With the access code, taxpayers can pay their taxes easily either through the BRImo application or BRI ATMs. They no longer need to go to the main office or tax collectors just to pay taxes.

No more pending tax funds or difficult payment access; BRIVA service makes it easy for all taxpayers to make transactions anywhere and anytime.

“One of our taxpayers who lives in Jakarta has leveraged this brand-new service. He contacted us to pay taxes, and we can direct him to use our BRIVA code for tax payment. He seamlessly paid his tax through the nearby BRI ATM in the city.”

“It took just less than a minute. All seamless, hassle-free,” said Amarullah, highlighting the ease, convenience, and swiftness of paying taxes for Kepahiang citizens through BRIVA.

How They Integrate BRIAPI

 BKD Kepahiang integration process with BRIAPI

BKD Kab. Kepahiang gave positive impressions and feedback for BRIAPI, especially in the integration process and its solution-oriented customer service. BRIAPI team delivered its full commitment in top notch developer service by communicating intensively with BKD Kab. Kepahiang. Whenever there’s a problem, BRIAPI team is always ready to help.

“We were greatly assisted by the BRIAPI help desk. They are so helpful throughout the integration process until the payment services go live, and are always solution-oriented in solving our queries," said Lukas Herianto, Head of Sub-Division of Registration and Data Collection of BKD Kab. Kepahiang.

What’s Next from BKD Kepahiang and BRIAPI

Kepahiang Regency consists of 8 sub-districts, 12 sub-districts, and 105 villages, administratively has more villages than cities. However, due to great tech penetration and adoption, telco signal is no longer a problem in this area. BKD Kab. Kepahiang smartly utilized this to integrate banking APIs to provide convenience in financial transactions for its citizens.

BRIAPI has empowered the payment system especially for Kepahiang citizens to pay taxes such as Land and Building Tax (PBB) to Duty on the Acquisition of Land and Building Rights (BPHTB) by using BRIVA. Furthermore, BKD Kepahiang will also leverage other APIs from BRIAPI to maximize its local revenue from tax and retribution from various business sectors.

"Through our digitization and collaboration with BRIAPI, we hope Kepahiang can influence other regional and provincial governments and motivate each other to always improve our public service in terms of quality and performance, especially in the financial service,” said Amarullah.

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