The digital revolution affects almost all aspects of people's lives. This includes the banking sector. One of the impacts is the emergence of digital technology disruption in banking. Therefore, in order to adapt, the bank needs to continue to innovate. One way is with open banking services.

What is digital technology disruption including digital technology disruption in banking and what are the impacts on the banking system? Here's an explanation.

The Importance of Digital Technology for Banking

Along with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and advances in information technology, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people really need the big role of technology. Especially, in digital technology that is growing. One example is the emergence of various applications based on fintech and e-commerce.

Apart from making people's lives easier, this can also lead to digital technology disruptions, including digital technology disruptions in banking.

This is a concern for the Indonesian banking industry, including large banks, such as BRI. In order to offset disruptions, banks keep abreast of digital technology developments by increasing the development of banking digital technology.

Apart from keeping the bank up to date, this also provides benefits to society. The following are the benefits of digital technology for banking.

1. To Adapt to Society's Needs

Due to the disruption of digital technology in banking, people's needs in terms of banking have also changed. Now, people are starting to need digital banking, such as mobile banking, internet banking, and open banking features.

In the current era of digitalization, people can carry out banking transactions in various other applications.

This is one example of digital technology disruption in banking. To adapt, BRI bank always tries its best to meet all kinds of people's needs. One of them is by providing various digital services.

2. To be able to collaborate with Fintech and E-Commerce

Now, many fintech and e-commerce applications have emerged in society. This is why the bank must also implement a banking digitization system. Banks can look for loopholes to deal with disruption by collaborating with digital tech itself.

As an effort to adapt to digital technology disruptions in banking, Bank BRI launched the BRIAPI service.

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Banking Customer Expectations in the Digital Technology Era

ease of digital transactions

In the digital era, banking customers have desires regarding their interactions with banking services. The following are the various expectations of banking customers in the digital technology era.

1. Fast and Practical Service

The first thing people are looking for in the digital era like today is speed and practicality. For example, in e-commerce applications, people want to be able to shop online and make transactions quickly and practically.

2. Can Be Accessed Anytime and Anywhere

Then, banking customers also expect services that they can access anytime and anywhere. This is why banking digitization is important. This is because with the existence of a digital platform, people can access banking services more easily, regardless of time and place.

3. Integrated with Various Applications

Customers want to be able to easily make payments or enjoy other bank services through applications that they frequently open. For example, in e-commerce.

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BRIAPI Open Banking to Face Digital Technology Disruption in Banking

application-integrated open banking

Basically, open banking is one of the best solutions for banks to follow in dealing with digital technology disruptions. In the midst of the current onslaught of digital technology, banks with their banking services are also adapting by providing digital conveniences for the community. Through open banking, banks participate in building a digital ecosystem.

Open banking makes banks open their doors to work with partners. Bank BRI is one of them. Now, there is a BRIAPI service that is ready to face the current digital disruption phenomenon. Then, why should you use BRIAPI? Here's why.

1. Integrated with more than 700 Collaboration Partners

Until now, BRIAPI has been integrated with more than 700 digital partners that are actively used by the Indonesian people. Starting from Tokopedia , DANA , and various other applications. That way, customers can make payments in these various applications more practically.

Starting from the BRI Direct Debit service that customers can use to integrate BRI debit cards in the application. Then, there is also BRIZZI, an e-money service that you can top up easily through the application. Then, there is also BRIVA which makes it easy to pay bills via a virtual account.

With these various BRIAPI features, it's no wonder that more and more applications are interested in working with Bank BRI. Because apart from developing the business of partners, BRIAPI also fulfills the banking needs of its customers.

2. Already Has More Than 150 Million BRI Customers

Basically, BRI is one of the banks that has the most customers in Indonesia. At least, until now there are 150 million BRI Bank customers spread all over the country. That's the reason why you need BRIAPI. Because, all parties will benefit from this service.

Customers need convenience, security and practicality when making transactions in various applications. Application developers need a variety of payment systems to increase transactions from customers. Then, the bank also needs an open banking partner.

3. Easy BRIAPI Activation Method

To activate BRIAPI is very easy and partners can determine the products to be integrated. The method is, first, you can create a new account to register for BRIAPI services in the Register Now menu. If so, you can choose what products you want to use and develop in the application with a sandbox. Then, you can complete the verification document to integrate the application with the BRIAPI service.

Seeing the advantages and suitability of BRIAPI in this era of digital technology disruption, it's time for you to become a BRIAPI partner and integrate your business or platform with BRIAPI products. You can register now to start experiencing the security, convenience and practicality of open banking services at BRIAPI. This is so that you are better prepared to face the current disruption of digital technology in banking.