Online payment system is an absolute feature that businesses must provide to consumers amidst a pandemic situation. This is due to consumers preferring to shop online rather than coming directly to the store. Bank Indonesia (BI) reported that during the pandemic the number of digital transactions continued to grow. The value of digital banking transactions has reached IDR 2,774.5 trillion or increased by 13.91% as per December 2020.

Meanwhile, BRI also recorded a fantastic growth in digital transactions. The value of digital transactions that occur through the BRIMo application has exceeded 409.29 million transactions per March 2021 or skyrocketed 402.6 percent compared to the same period last year.

Therefore, every business must be able to facilitate various online payment methods to help consumers do the digital transactions. BRI as the number one bank in Indonesia can help your business accelerate the process by providing various online payment features through BRIAPI.

What is BRIAPI?

BRIAPI is an Application Programming Interface (API) developed by BRI that allows integration between third-party applications and BRI services.

BRIAPI has been used by 200 partners in various industries such as government agencies, marketplaces, educational institutions to ride-hailing and fintech companies to collaborate with BRI to provide secure and simple digital payment solutions. With BRIAPI, you can provide the following online payment features:


BRIVA or BRI Virtual Account is an online payment service that uses a virtual account number. The virtual account service can provide convenience and comfort for consumers because consumers do not need to enter the transaction nominal as in other payment methods. This can minimize the occurrence of transaction errors such as overpayment or underpayment.

BRIVA’s transaction can also be automatically confirmed. This convenience certainly makes the transaction process simpler and shorter. As a business owner, you can also check transaction history in real time.

Business consumers will also get convenience when making payment. Consumers can pay to BRIVA account numbers through various channels, ranging from ATMs, internet banking, mobile banking, or payments via tellers and bank agents. 

2. BRI Direct Debit 

BRI Direct Debit is an online payment feature from BRI that connects consumer accounts with BRI debit cards as a source of funds (SoF). With direct debit, the transaction payment process runs quickly with a single registration process. Similar to BRIVA, direct debit transaction can also be automatically confirmed.

When consumers choose to do payments by direct debit, they only need to register a 16-digit debit card number and a phone number which is connected to the debit card. Furthermore, BRI will send a verification code as a confirmation that the consumer agrees to the proceed. For the next transactions, consumers simply need to enter the OTP (One Time Password) code that they receive each time they make a transaction.

This direct debit feature is widely used in e-commerce businesses, subscription services, insurance, and investments. Direct debit is suitable to be implemented in various scales of businesses, ranging from small, medium to large scale. The limit of each card is different, i.e

  • Classic debit card: IDR 10,000,000;-
  • Black debit card: IDR 20,000,000;-
  • Premium debit card: IDR 50,000,000;-

3. Fund Transfer

The increasing need for cashless transfers both to fellow BRI customers or other bank accounts brings in numerous advantages for your business. Therefore, we also provide you with the fund transfer feature in which you can use by integrating two of our fund transfer API products, External Fund Transfer API and the Internal Fund Transfer API.

External Fund Transfer API assists you in transferring funds from your BRI account to another bank account. Fund transfers can be made without visiting BRI branch offices or ATM machines. Customers will have easier access to the payment system as well because you have provided it with the External Fund Transfer API.

Meanwhile, Internal Fund Transfer API allows your company to transfer funds to other BRI accounts. You can carry out business transactions, send payroll, and make corporate administrative payments which in the end will lead you to create a good financial ecosystem in your company.

By providing this online payment feature, consumers of your products will certainly find it easier to transact via your website or application, enabling your business to grow with BRI and our 70 million customers that spread throughout Indonesia.