Along with the rapidly growing number of Internet users in Indonesia, the number of e-commerce users is also growing rapidly. According to GlobalWebIndex in 2019, Indonesia is the country with the highest e-commerce adoption rate in the world. As many as 90% of internet users aged 16-64 years have already experienced online shopping. Global management consultant McKinsey & Company even stated that Indonesia's e-commerce market capitalization value will reach USD 40 billion by 2022.

By 2020, there were at least 50 e-commerce platforms in Indonesia. In fact, one of them has successfully amassed 90 million active users—convincing enough for those who want to grab another success in the e-commerce business, including you. If you want to take maximum advantage from it, here are 3 things you need to know: :

  1. Build attractive yet simple site display

    When customers enter a conventional store, they will observe all the stuff provided before their eyes: store appearance, product layout, and even a warm welcome from the shopkeeper will make them feel comfortable. The same thing actually happens in an e-commerce business. Therefore, it is crucial to make your website look as attractive as possible. But you have to put it in a simple, easy to understand interface. Don't let your customers have trouble finding what they need because it looks unattractive with complicated, randomly placed buttons.

  2. Provide excellent service

    While everything can be done automatically, you still need customer service (CS) for your e-commerce. By providing responsive and caring CS, your customers will feel more secure when shopping. They know all problems can be solved with your excellent customer service.

  3. Support easy payment system

    With a good-looking site and outstanding quality of your customer service in hand, you need one more thing to ease your e-commerce business: easy payment system for customers. Thus, you can provide virtual accounts and direct debit payment.

    Both payment options are available if you integrate your e-commerce business with Open API from BRIAPI as part of BRI. Once you do that, it will allow you to use various, beneficial services from BRI. Take maximum advantage of Direct Debit API to provide direct debit payment options, as well as BRI Virtual Account API to facilitate payments with virtual account facilities. Add BRIZZI API to your line-up so your customers can top up BRIZZI e-money smoothly from your e-commerce.

    Apart from transactional APIs, BRIAPI also supports the informational ones such as E-Channel Location API and Branch Location API to learn about branch offices, ATM, CRM, and BRI branch offices locations.