Account Statement

Account statements make it easier for digital business owners to check cash flow in detail.

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What is Account Statement?

There is always a record for every transaction in the digital business activities on any platform. This record is called transaction history which the app users can see the details banking activities for financial audit through the transaction history.

In the banking industry, the detailed transaction history is known as account mutation. The mutation account is the brief version of financial transaction statement in a banking account. In the mutation account, you can check the in and out transactions, balance account and other information.

You can access the mutation account information for your business account directly from a company’s dashboard with using API Account Statement from BRIAPI. With this API, you also gain an access to history of all banking activities without leaving your business’ dashboard. This will help your team works more efficiently.

The Advantage of Account Statement

The mutation account information is often being used as legal evidence, such as for visa application, online payment proof, loan application, and many more. You can provide these functions for your customers with BRIAPI.