Get to know Sandbox in the Payment Business System

24 May 2022
Sandbox functions as a virtual ecosystem for various trials, from product development to cybersecurity testing. While it ensures the product's compatibility with the existing system, the trial also guarantees the product from various security risks.

Understanding Open API Framework in Indonesia's Open Banking Initiatives

24 May 2022
The open banking initiative aims to drive digital transformation and establish banks as key institutions in the digital financial economy. To implement the initiative, Bank Indonesia formulated Indonesian Open API Framework to assist open banking development in a structured manner.

Open Banking Adoption in 2022 Accelerates Banking Digitalization

7 February 2022
In 2022, open banking is predicted to be even more promising. It’s good to be true, since open banking is a clear manifestation of banking digitalization. With it, companies will be fully prepared to face various challenges that await in the future. As one of the banking digitalization pillars, open banking allows any bank to open their customers' financial data and information to third parties.

7 Benefits of Bank API for Business and Developers

13 September 2021
Keeping up with tech development has become super essential for businesses to maintain their solid business performance. Implementing the latest tech trends will help your business adapt to the digital era, survive through crises, and add competitive edges against other business players. In this more advanced digital era, cross-sector collaboration is inevitable, and various tech advancements are presented to answer these needs, such as open API. API or Application Programming Interface will seamlessly connect one application with another by bridging several features amongst them. There are numerous types of APIs you can implement, one of them is the Open Banking API. From providing hassle-free mass payment services to building an integrated technology platform, API Banking certainly brings advantages for businesses and developers.

API Sandbox: Definition, Benefits, and Best Practices

13 September 2021
API sandbox is a feature for simulating and testing Application Programming Interface (API). For developers, those activities are pivotal. Before integrating API in the production environment, they must be aware of errors that could occur in the integration process. Thus, as an API service provider, BRIAPI provides an API sandbox that helps developers to simulate and test APIs. It allows them to create conditions similar to production behavior on their platforms.

Non-Cash Payment Instruments: Definition, Types, and Benefits

25 August 2021
In the midst of rapid development of technology and digitalization, payment systems have also been evolving. The constantly changing transaction mechanisms that demand fast and practical payments make cash payment roles progressively replaced by non-cash payment instruments. According to Bank Indonesia, in 2019 the value of cashless transactions reached Rp128 trillion, an increase of five times from 2014 which was around Rp3.3 trillion. This means that the evolution of payments is really happening right now.

API Key: Definition, Functions, and Benefits

25 August 2021
Nowadays, payment systems are getting faster and more efficient thanks to the open banking scheme. With this practice, a bank can provide access to customer data and information to third parties through an API (Application Programming Interface) in accordance with their authority. Nevertheless, security factors should not be underestimated, especially when it concerns the use of customer information and data. Thus, BRIAPI as an open banking product for Bank BRI uses an API key as the first security gate.