It is undeniable that digital disruption due to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has an impact on cross-industry businesses. Digital disruption really creates new conditions for businesses due to the easy access and flow of information flowing through digital platforms. It doesn't stop there, the COVID-19 pandemic attack in 2020 also seems to be forcing us to transform our business to be more ready to face the digital era. Here are some things that you must prepare to transform your business to welcome the digital era:

  1. The right technology investment according to your business strategy

    Before you start, do some research on what your business needs to face the digital age. The needs of a convection business are certainly different from the coffee shop business. Does your current business need tools with automated systems? Does your business need data that is integrated from one part to another? To avoid wasted technology investments that are not on target, you need to know exactly what your business really needs.

  2. Prepare a qualified digital marketing asset

    Openness of information makes your business target market not only for people who live around you, but also people from other cities, other islands, or even other countries. To be able to reach these people and inform them about your business, you need digital assets such as websites, social media, or mobile apps.

  3. Provide convenience for consumers

    In this digital era, you are competing with billions of business people on the internet. In addition to product and marketing strategies, easy access is also one of the added values for consumers. Not only easy access to information about your product, but also practicality and convenience when you want to make a transaction you should also pay close attention to. This is because many consumers do not complete the transaction process because the process is too complicated.

    You can make transactions easier on your website and business applications by using the Open API service from BRI, BRIAPI. Open API is a technology that allows your business application or website to be integrated directly with the banking system so that your business application or website can retrieve a number of customer information data that has been approved by the customer concerned. BRIAPI has various services that facilitate the transaction process for your consumers, such as Direct Debit and BRIVA (BRI Virtual Account). With the convenience of this payment system, you minimize the occurrence of transaction cancellations due to the payment process being too convoluted.