BRI Direct Debit

Payment feature to connect your app with BRI debit card as payment options.

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What is BRI Direct Debit? 

The need of digital payments has been growing rapidly and will keep evolving tremendously over the next few years. Conquer this opportunity by implementing Direct Debit feature as one of your app payment options.

Direct Debit is an electronic payment method that allows the bank to automatically withdraw funds from customers’ accounts for payments.

By implementing Direct Debit API by BRIAPI, your customers only need to register their debit card once, and enter the OTP (One-Time Password) code for further transactions. OTP codes will provide an extra layer of security in payment and convenience in customer transactions.

Use Case of BRI Direct Debit API?

Direct Debit is the most suitable payment method for digital businesses such as e-commerce, subscription services, e-wallet top up, insurance, or investment. By integrating this API to your digital business, you have created a seamless transaction journey for your customers within one click!

Available API for BRI Direct Debit.

Here are available APIs for BRI Direct Debit.

BRI Direct Debit

BRIApi Icon_Direct Debit Payment.png


This API is used to payments from transactions based on the card number on the card_token obtained from the binding process (card token creation)

BRIApi Icon_Payment Status.png

Payment Status Information

This API is used to provide the status of the payment.

BRIApi Icon_Payment Notify.png

Payment Notification

This API is used to provide the status of the payment.

BRIApi Icon_Payment Refund.png

Refund Payment

This API is used to create a refund request for a previously successful payment. Refunds can be made in full or in part.

BRIApi Icon_Refund Notify.png

Refund Notification

This API is used to provide notification of refund status