Making transaction is now easier with API Direct Debit BRIAPI.

Living in the digital era of 4.0, we would rely on easy and fast banking transactions, thus many digital businesses offer easier, faster and simpler payment transactions. However, if a business cannot offer such privileges, it will most likely lose the customers. Based on a study, the drop-off rate from online stores reached 70%, because the customers do not like the complicated process when they are making payments.

As a solution for making transactions easy, convenient and fast, BRI has released Direct Debit by BRIAPI. With this feature, you only need to register your debit card once, then your customer and your digital business can withdraw funds from your customer’s account.

Hopefully, the API Direct Debit feature by BRIAPI will decrease drop-off rate from your digital business, because it will cut unnecessary checkout steps that will lead to authentication process failure

From a customer’s side, utilizing Direct Debit is much easier. As a customer, you can choose to make transactions with BRI Direct Debit, then enter a 16 digit debit card, expiration date and phone number registered with BRI’s account. Later, you will receive a verification code and you need to enter the code for a confirmation. When the process is done, you don’t need to register for your next transaction, but you need to enter one time password (OTP) sent to you.

Hence, both the business owners and customers can do any transactions simple and easily. In conclusion, Direct Debit is the way to transact for any digital business’ need, such as e-commerce, subscription, e-wallet top up, insurance and investment.