Today, e-commerce and all businesses have gone digital. Collaborative research by Google, Bain, and Temasek shows that in the next 5 years, 8 out of 10 merchants will have more than 50 percent digital business revenue from online sources.

One of the digital enabler factors is digital transaction technology. The same research states that 90 percent of digital businesses use digital payment systems. It is because they provide a better customer experience, from product selection and payment to after-sales service.

However, digital business in fact is not only about 'online selling'. Beyond that, it focuses on the use of technology so that companies can offer competitive advantages over their competitors.

What is Digital Business: Definition, Examples and Opportunities for Digital Business in 2022

A businessman is running a digital business

Understanding Digital Business

Digital business is the use of digital technology to create a variety of uniqueness, ranging from business models to customer experiences. It looks at how companies use technology to improve and support business capabilities and operations. A business is said to be undergoing a digital transformation if it uses a digital approach.

Furthermore, the need for business going digital will be massively increased in the coming years. Since digital disruptions are happening, rapid technological changes have made conventional ways of managing business becoming irrelevant. One of those changes is the adoption of open banking.

Open banking helps marketplaces, fintech companies, and banks integrate with each other. As it provides easier, faster, and more convenient access to financial services, open banking implementation has grown more than ever. And today, we can easily find them in various digital payment methods.

The manual transaction records and management now are being replaced by digital means,. Businesses now provides various cashless payment methods and records it digitaIly so that customers can make any transactions within several clicks on their gadgets.

Digital Business Study Cases

To provide better understanding on how open banking are implemented and impacting digital business, here are some companies who are successful in leveraging open banking into their digital businesses.


Logo Shopee

Shopee is a Singapore-based multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce. As the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, Shopee helps millions of its merchants sell their products online. As of 2021, Shopee is the most popular e-commerce platform in Indonesia with a 41 percent share of orders, surpassing Tokopedia (34 percent) and Lazada (16 percent) respectively.  

Shopee is an example of a digital form of a conventional market. Within the platform, both traders and customers are in the same location called marketplace.

So, in order to execute its business model, Shopee needs to prepare logistical supports including an integrated payment systems within a single platform. For the latter, Shopee collaborates with BRI's open banking service provider, BRIAPI.

BRIAPI makes it easy for Shopee to integrate themselves with many of BRI banking services seamlessly. This is in line with the spirit of Shopee, which prioritizes an easy, safe, and fast online shopping experience.

BRIAPI has supported the ShopeePay, an e-wallet service from Shopee for payments. Users can use it as one of the online payment method in the application. Even better, it can be used for offline transactions at ShopeePay merchants. 

Shopee utilizes BRIVA, BRIZZI, and Interbank Transfer API from BRIAPI to enrich ShopeePay payments. Thus, by providing BRI services as one of their digital payment options, ShopeePay has gained a reputation as one of the most widely used e-wallet services in Indonesia.


PT Tunas Dwipa Matra

Logo PT Tunas Dwipa Matra

PT Tunas Dwipa Matra (TDM) is the main distributor of Honda motorcycles in the provinces of Lampung and Bangka Belitung. TDM manages the end-to-end process of Honda motorcycles purchase and ownership, from the sales service, maintenance, as well as providing spare parts. TDM has already more than 76 outlets spread throughout Indonesia.

As a company that provides various services for motorcycle needs, TDM has earned the public's trust through the quality of its products, proven by its sales figures that have reached more than 3 million units until August 2021.

It pushed TDM to take their next step: harnessing their digital business by adopting supporting technology. One of which is integrating BRIAPI to seamlessly help their financial governance.

The company maximizes Account Information API to provide an easier and more transparent company financial management. TDM utilizes Account Statement API to access balance sheet information including cash, accounts receivable, and transactions records effortlessly.

For TDM, BRIAPI services have helped them to become a more modern, secure, and dynamic digital business. That way, TDM can manage millions of transactions from their beloved customers.


Digital Business Opportunity in 2022

Pebisnis digital memanfaatkan peluang bisnis digital di 2022

We have seen how businesses use open banking to support their activities. And to strengthen their financial management system, the two companies above use BRIAPI. With more companies going digital, we can see that business opportunities in 2022 will move towards digital, especially in the financial aspect. 

If you are starting a business, you should explore the digitaI solutions that can help your business stands out among competitors. With the current high adoption of technology and the internet in Indonesia, every business needs to transform its business model from conventional to digital.

For example, a business that previously only provided offline stores now must enhance its presence through its website and social media. The goal is to reach consumers at various digital touchpoints, including the payment stage. So, one of the keys to a successful digital business is to provide easy and safe digital transaction technology.

Bank Indonesia has massively supported the growth of digital transactions by issuing the Indonesian Payment System Blueprint 2025 (BSPI 2025). This blueprint determines the direction of payment system policies in the era of the digital economy and finance and the goals to be achieved by 2025. 

One of its derivatives is the National Open API Payment Standard (SNAP). It regulates the standardization and security of Indonesia's open banking so that all transactions and data exchange are safer. BRIAPI has met these standards, along with other standardization in global level to ensure its security and safety of customers data.

By integrating BRIAPI, you are one step ahead of your digital business success. You can provide customers with the best payment access while bringing you more convenience in managing your business. Start now and enjoy the digital business opportunities in 2022 with BRIAPI.