The more successful the business, the more complicated its transactional processes, and the more intricate the cash flow is. However, Open Banking API served the best solution for businesses to manage its banking transactions hassle-free. BRI through BRIAPI will enable quick and easy integration of BRI financial services and products into your business dashboard for a seamless company financial management and bank’s Cash Management System (CMS).

Integrasi antara dashboard bisnis Anda dengan API Bank BRI

CMS is a bank service to help businesses to have a quick, easy, and accurate daily transactions and financial management. CMS allows you to obtain the latest information about balance inquiry, conduct liquidity management, and real-time transactions at any time and place. This service is suitable for businesses that requires easy, safe, modern, and dynamic financial management.

Your business can obtain all CMS benefits by integrating BRIAPI into your business dashboard. This platform offers financial services solution to manage your business, such as, account balance API to check your company’s account balance, Mutation Information API to check a company’s balance sheet including cash, loans, and transactions. Additionally, Bank Transfer API and Transfer to Other Banks in order to transfer funds from your company to others.

All API products in BRIAPI have achieved compliance with the highest international-level certification from PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) and ISO:27001. This ensures and guarantees customer data are super safe and secure in the exchange.