BRIAPI, as one of the pioneers in the implementation of Open APIs in Indonesia, has experienced significant development in recent years. In its achieved income data as of July 2022, BRIAPI recorded an annual transaction volume up to Rp 575.68 trillion, representing a growth about 433.3% compared to the previous year. Apart from that, this triple-digit growth development was also consistent with the increase in the number of transactions and fee-based income (FBI). Based on data from July 2022, the annual transaction intensity through BRIAPI has exceeded 540 million transactions, showing a significant increase of about 239.6% from the same period in the previous year. Consequently, this growth has generated an FBI value of Rp 142.19 billion. On the other hand, this growth was also consistent with the increase in the number of partner acquisitions, which rose by 57% in 2022, bringing the total number of BRIAPI partners for that year to 656.

In appreciation of the significant growth results of BRIAPI services, BRI held the BRIAPI Awards 2022 as a manifestation of appreciation for the performance achievements of Marketing Staffs, Branch Offices, Regional Offices, and all BRIAPI partners who have contributed positively to these significant growth.


Objectives of  the BRIAPI Awards 2022

The BRIAPI Awards 2022 was presented as a manifestation of BRI's commitment to appreciate the performance of Branch Offices, BRI Regional Offices, and all of BRIAPI partners who contributed to income growth during 2022. The peak of this award ceremony was held on Friday, December 25, 2022, and was officially launched online via Zoom by BRI's Director of Digital and Information Technology, Mr. Arga M. Nugraha. The award ceremony procession was quite lively, attended by representatives from Branch Offices, BRI Regional Offices from all over Indonesia, as well as the marketing staff of BRI and all BRIAPI partners.


With the BRIAPI Awards 2022 event, BRI wished these awards have positive impacts on several aspects:
1) Show significant growths and achievements of BRIAPI to both internal and external parties.
2) Strengthening the image of BRIAPI and BRI as a leader in the open banking industry in the current era of open finance.
3) Increase involvement of marketing staffs and customers through relevant appreciation.
4) Encourage better absorption and sales volume intensity generated by BRIAPI products and services from the Branch Offices and Regional Offices, thus contributing positively to the development and expansion of financial inclusion in the Indonesian banking environment.


Champions of the BRIAPI Awards 2022

Based on the growth of BRIAPI products and services usage in 2022, BRIAPI appreciated all parties who contributed positively in several categories. The first category is the award for the Best Partner of BRIAPI in 2022. This category was successfully won by PT Sinar Digital Terdepan (Xendit) for their collaboration with BRIAPI products and services with the highest intensity throughout 2022. Next, Shopee was entitled to be the second winner, and PT Muba Electric Power QQ Miota was entitled to be the third winner. On the other hand, BRIAPI Awards 2022 also feature an additional award given to partners, namely the Most Rising Star 2022 category. In this category, the first winner was ShopeePay, the second winner was PT Visionet Internasional (OVO), and the third winner was PT Tri Usaha Berkat (LinkQu).




The next category are the Best Branch Office and Best Regional Office categories. Both awards were given to Branch Offices and Regional Offices with the best achieved performance in providing BRIAPI products and services throughout 2022. Based on that criteria, the first winner of the Best Branch Office award in 2022 was Branch Office of Lebak Bulus. Then, the second and third winners in this category were the Branch Office of Medan Putri Hijau and Branch Office of Jakarta Krekot, respectively. On the other hand, the first winner in the Best Regional Office category was awarded to the Semarang Regional Office. The second winner in this category was the Jakarta 1 Regional Office, while the third winner was the Yogyakarta Regional Office.




The next category is the Best BRIAPI Marketer award. This award was given to appreciate marketing staffs who have achieved the highest marketing performance of BRIAPI products and services during 2022. The first winner of this category was Patria Yudha from the Branch Office of Lebak Bulus, followed by Mr. Moh. Yanuar Rizqi Afifa from the Branch Office of Jakarta Krekot as the second winner, and Mrs. Retina Adhi Prahastuti from the Branch Office of Malang Martadinata.




Last but not least, in the BRIAPI Awards 2022, a new category is proposed, namely the Best API Use Case Impact For Sustainability to enhance recognition of the social impact with the presence of BRIAPI. In this category, PT Inklusi Keuangan Nusantara successfully became the first winner, PT Geoff Maksimal Jaya became the second winner, and Yayasan Kita Bisa became the third winner.





The BRIAPI Awards 2022 was one of BRI's commitment in providing excellent and optimal digital banking services to support Indonesia's digital economic growth. This award was also intended to contribute to the expansion of inclusive economic services implementation across all financial sectors in Indonesia. Therefore, it was hoped that BRIAPI services will further advance the Indonesian economy through an efficient, secure, and reliable digital ecosystem.



Through BRIAPI, BRI has also introduced open finance services that comply with the SNAP regulations from the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI) and Central Bank of Indonesia. To integrate your business with various digital transaction system conveniences, BRIAPI could be the optimal solution to enhance your business flexibility in the rapidly evolving open finance era.

Let's join BRIAPI and expand your business connectivity extensively with over 150 million BRI customers scattered throughout Indonesia.