Virtual Account is one of digital payment methods that are often used by the public. Its practicality and security system are two of the reasons customers love to use it.

In fact, as a payment option, Virtual Account also supports Indonesia's growing digital economy ecosystem. Collaborative research from Bain, Google, and Temasek in 2020 stated that Indonesia has the opportunity to become the largest digital economy development in Southeast Asia.

So as a businessman, you need to know more about Virtual Account, an important infrastructure for the digital economy ecosystem. By understanding it, you can consider Virtual Account to complete your digital payment method.

What Is A Virtual Account? 

A Virtual Account is a digital payment method through an account that is created virtually for each customer. To make payments, customers will be referred to their own Virtual Accounts. 

A Virtual Account consists of a unique customer ID number. It means that there will be no Virtual Account number that is exactly the same. So, each transaction can be identified automatically for different customers. When the transaction is complete, they do not need to send a transfer receipt anymore.

How Virtual Accounts Work

BRI customers choose the Virtual Account payment option

Keep in mind that the way a Virtual Account works is different from a regular savings account.

In order to make transactions from a regular savings account, customers must input the required data manually, such as the destination account number and the transfer amount. At the end of the process, they still need to send the transfer receipt to the receiver. 

Meanwhile, a Virtual Account is much simpler than that. By simply selecting the Virtual Account option as the payment method, a payment code will be sent automatically. Then, customers only need to click 'Pay’ and the transaction is complete.

Benefits of Virtual Account

Besides giving more convenience for customers, Virtual Account also provides various benefits for business, which include the following:

1. Helping Financial Recording

Virtual Account records every transaction automatically in the books. Thus, you don't need to spend more time manually checking transfer receipts and can immediately follow up on orders.

2. Serving Various Types of Transactions

Whatever the business, Virtual Account is the right solution to increase transaction efficiency. It can be integrated on various platforms seamlessly: from applications, websites, to marketplaces. This is the reason Virtual Account becomes one of the most important payment options.

3. Making Payments at Any Time

Virtual Accounts provide transaction flexibility for your customers since it is available virtually on a 24-hour basis. Therefore, a Virtual Account grants customers chances to make payments at any time. 

4. Managing Payments Easily

With Virtual Account, you can manage the amount and the distribution of money to each customer's account. It is because they have their own customer ID, helping you to sort out their transaction reports and balances easily.

Furthermore, the information will be recorded in real-time. Thus, you can monitor every transaction through a single API Virtual Account.

5. Ensuring Customer Security

When a transaction has been completed, you can set the Virtual Account number to be expired. So, you can prevent any misuse of a customer’s Virtual Account by irresponsible parties.

BRIVA to Support Your Business


BRI Virtual Account or BRIVA is a Virtual Account service from BRI. As a payment option, BRIVA applies an 'online real-time' mechanism. It means that all BRIVA transactions will be automatically recorded in real-time.

You can apply BRIVA as your digital payment option by using BRIVA API from BRIAPI. By integrating BRIVA API, you can activate BRI Virtual Account feature and provide more convenience both for you and your customers.

In fact, BRIVA API has been used by BRI partners to ease transaction processes. One of them is PT USSI, a company providing micro core banking for microfinance institutions.

Since 2021, PT USSI has been using BRIVA API to strengthen their payment channels through the BRI Virtual Account. Thus, customers do not need to conduct transactions manually. They can simply access BRImo, BRI's mobile banking application, and choose BRIVA as their payment option to complete the transaction.

Besides PT USSI, Indogrosir also uses BRIVA API to enrich their  payment methods. The retail company realizes that by integrating open banking to their business, customers will see them as a company that is aware of their shopping experience.

Thus, Indogrosir applies BRIVA API and provides a unique shopping experience. In the end, Indogrosir payments from consumers or MSMEs have become simpler, easier, and safer through BRIVA.


Now, you know what a Virtual Account is, how it works, and the benefits for businesses that use it. You understand as well how BRIVA as a Virtual Account service from BRI is able to smooth transaction processes for BRI partners. So, if you are looking for a Virtual Account service, BRIVA is the right product for you. Integrate now and enjoy the benefits!