Transfer to Other Banks

Transfer to Other Banks is now hassle-free and unlimited.

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What is Transfer to Other Banks?

"Transfer to Other Banks" refers to the process of transferring funds from your bank account to a bank account that belongs to a different financial institution or bank. In other words, it's the ability to send money from your account at one bank to someone else's account at a different bank.

This type of transfer allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to move money between different banks, even if the accounts are held at different financial institutions. It's a common service offered by banks to provide customers with the flexibility to send money to friends, family, clients, or other parties who have accounts at different banks.

Transfer to Other Banks can typically be initiated through various channels, such as online banking, mobile banking apps, ATMs, or by visiting a bank branch. The process may require providing details of the recipient's bank account, such as the account number, bank's name, and sometimes additional information like the recipient's name and address.

It's worth noting that the procedures and fees associated with Transfer to Other Banks can vary depending on the banks involved, the method of transfer, and the currency involved. Make sure to check with your bank for specific information regarding this type of transfer and any applicable fees or requirements.

Available API for Transfer To Other Banks

Here are some of the APIs we have for Transfer To Other Banks.

tf to bank lain

Transfer to Other Bank

Transfer to Other Banks is now hassle-free and unlimited.

validasi ke bank lain

Other Bank Account Inquiry

Use this API to get information about account owner's detail from other banks