Transfer to BRI Account

Transfer to BRI Account facilitates a Seamless and easy payment.

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What is Transfer to BRI Account?

BRI Account Transfer is a service provided by Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) that allows customers to transfer funds from one BRI account to another BRI account. This means you can send money from your own BRI account to another person's BRI account, whether it's a savings account, current account, or other type of account owned by the recipient of the transfer.

This service can usually be accessed through various channels, such as BRI ATMs, mobile banking, internet banking, or coming directly to a BRI branch. You need to have the destination account number and other information that may be needed, such as the name of the account holder, to make transfers between these BRI accounts.

However, keep in mind that this information may change after my knowledge cut date in September 2021. Make sure you check BRI's official website or contact BRI's customer service to get the latest information regarding BRI's Inter-Account Transfer services and current procedures.

Available API for Transfer To BRI Account

Here are some of the APIs we have for Transfer To BRI Account .


Transfer Between BRI

Transfer to BRI Account facilitates a Seamless and easy payment.

validasi akun BRI

BRI Account Inquiry

Easily check BRI account detail with this API