MPN (Goverment Revenue Module)

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What is MPN (State Revenue Module)?

The MPN (State Revenue Module) API is an application programming interface (API) that enables payment of state revenue bills integrated within the State Revenue Module (MPN). In this context, MPN is a system or module used to manage state revenue, such as tax payments or other types of bills that need to be paid to the government.

Using the MPN (State Revenue Module) API provides several benefits, including:

  1. Automated Payment Processes: The MPN API can be integrated with user payment systems, such as HRIS applications or corporate financial systems. As a result, the bill payment process can be automated.
  2. Convenience in State Revenue Bill Payments: MPN API users can easily make state revenue bill payments through your business dashboard without having to use third-party applications or visit a bank. This saves time and effort in the payment process.
  3. Speed and Efficiency: The MPN API facilitates electronic bill payments, making the settlement process faster, more efficient, and state revenue can be confirmed more quickly.
  4. Currency Flexibility: BRI's MPN API provides the option to make bill payments in Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) and US Dollars (USD). This offers flexibility for users who may require payments in USD.
  5. Accuracy and Security: BRI's MPN API maintains a high level of accuracy and data security. Users can make payments securely without worrying about potential security risks or transaction errors.
  6. Transaction Monitoring: The MPN API offers the ability to monitor the status of bill payments. Users can easily track and verify payment statuses to ensure that transactions have been successfully completed.

To use the MPN (State Revenue Module) API, your company must integrate this API into your company's software system or application. This API provides the necessary APIs and functions to carry out the state revenue bill payment process, including generating reports that serve as information for your company.

Available API for MPN (Goverment Revenue Module)

Here are some of the APIs we have for MPN (Goverment Revenue Module).

BRIApi Icon_ Inquiry NPWP.png

Tax Id Information

This API is used so that third parties can see information from the Tax id ownerAPI

BRIApi Icon_ Create Billing NPWP.png

Create Tax Id Bill

This API serves to make bills to the selected Tax id

BRIApi Icon_ Create Billing Non-NPWP.png

Create Non-Tax Id Bill

This API serves to make bills to tax subjects who do not have Tax id

BRIApi Icon_ Inquiry Billing.png

Bill Information

API to provide billing information

BRIApi Icon_ Payment Reinquiry.png

Payment Status Information

API that can be used to see payment status after the bill is paid