Introduction QRIS Merchant Presented Mode (MPM) Dynamic Notification

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QRIS Merchant Presented mode (MPM) Dynamic Notification?

Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard or abbreviated as QRIS (read KRIS) is the unification of various QR types from various Payment System Service Providers (PJSP) using a QR Code. QRIS was developed by the payment system industry together with Bank Indonesia so that the transaction process with the QR Code can be easier, faster and more secure.

With QRIS, all payment applications from any Operator, both banks and non-banks that are used by the public, can be used in all shops, merchants, stalls, parking lots, tourist tickets, donations (merchants) with the QRIS logo, even though the QRIS provider at merchants is different from the application provider used. Public.

QRIS Customer Presented Mode (MPM) Dinamis sendiri adalah kode QR dengan metode yakni menunjukan kode QR dari aplikasi pembayaran pelanggan lalu melakukan scan pada alat yang dimiliki oleh merchant.

Example of Using the Dynamic QRIS Customer Presented Mode (CPM) API

QRIS CPM Dynamic is intended for merchants who require high transaction speeds such as transportation, parking and modern retail providers. Where customers only need to scan the QR code from the payment application to the tool provided by the merchant.