Introduction Briva

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What is BRIVA?


Consumers are adopting digital financial services more than before, putting digital payment on the rise. We no longer need to go to bank offices, ATM, or wait for hours to complete transactions, now all are digital and instantly done within a few clicks. From many digital payment methods offered, Virtual Account is the easiest.

Virtual Account is an identification number generated by a bank on behalf of a company to be given to the customers in order to make transactions online. BRI offers this payment feature through BRI Virtual Account or known as BRIVA.

You can implement BRIVA features into your digital business through BRIVA API in BRIAPI. With BRIVA API, your customers can utilize BRI Virtual Account functions for payments in your digital business app for simpler, easier, and faster transactions.

BRIVA API has more advantages than the manual bank transfer. Let’s say, if you run an e-commerce website, BRIVA API will help you to detect and verify payments automatically in real-time by the system. Your customers are no longer need to confirm or share proof of payments manually. With this API, all transactions will be done within a few clicks!

What are the uses of BRIVA API?

If your digital business is e-commerce, the use of BRIVA API will make your transactions easy, both for business owners and their customers. The business owner can get the latest in and out transactions history within any minutes. On the other hand, the benefit of BRIVA API for customers is to make transactions without sending a transfer proof, as BRI will verify the payment automatically.