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What is Account Statement?

Whether we realize it or not, digital technology has a major influence on changes in lifestyle, work culture, and interactions between people. Another important thing that is also influenced by the development of this technology is the industrial and business sectors. With the various facilities offered, digital business has become a sector that has grown quite rapidly in the last decade. Its existence also creates new habits in economic transactions that are usually carried out by the community.

Currently, digital business is very popular everywhere. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred around the world, the popularity of digital business is increasing. In this case, what is meant by digital business is a type of business that utilizes technological developments to create products and in marketing the product itself. This type of business is able to create new models, experiences, and operational rules that will influence the consumption culture of the target market. In addition, the selling value offered has also experienced positive changes, with the increase in technology-based services that are very closely related to everyday life.