BRI is once again recognized as a world-class bank by ranking 112 of the best banks in the world and becoming the number one bank in Indonesia in the list of "1000 Best World Banks in 2020" issued by The Banker. This is assessed based on growth rate, profit, asset quality, operational efficiency, return on risk, liquidity, and others.

BRI quality is also acknowledged by 70 million BRI customers throughout Indonesia, in big cities and remote areas that have not been reached by other banks. To date, those numbers have made BRI the bank with the largest number of customers in Indonesia.

Your business can also reach millions of BRI customers by using BRIAPI services. BRIAPI is an Open API service that allows your business application system to be integrated with the BRI system. By leveraging the Open API, you can provide a variety of services for your business customers. Starting from easier payment with Direct Debit and BRIVA virtual accounts, up to providing complete information related to BRI products such as branch offices or account information.

With all of these conveniences, your business can stay connected with consumers wherever they are. As a result, you can participate in developing nation’s business income especially in the digital sector together with BRI.