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API Categories

Obtain BRIAPI services by following the steps below.
Register Your Business with BRI

Register your business with BRI by creating an account on BRIAPI through the following link: https://developers.bri.co.id/id/user/register.

Create Applications

After your application is accepted, you can log in and can create an application through the BRIAPI Developer Portal. Referring to the guide in the getting started section of the BRIAPI Developer Portal for instructions on creating an application.

Open a Giro Account

You can open a giro account at the nearest BRI branch office. When opening a giro account, explain to our staff that you intend to use the BRIAPI services. Our staff will assist you technically and administratively in using the BRIAPI services.

API Integration

Then, you can develop API integration on your application system through the method of System Integration Testing (SIT).

Required Documents

For your information, prepare the following administrative documents and provide or send them to our staff:
1. BRIAPI Form & Statement Letter
2. Self Declaration Form
3. Reconciliation Document
4. Supporting Evidence Document
6. Functional Test (SIT)
7. BA of Functional Test
8. BA of Information Understanding
9. Devsite ASPI Client Simulator (depend on API product)
10. ASPI Application Testing (depend on API product)

Documents Checking and Confirmation

After we receive your documents, BRIAPI and ASPI (Association of Indonesian Payment Systems) will review your documents.

We will inform you in the further if your application has been approved and your deployment has been completed.

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