Frequently Asked Questions

BRI API is an Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that developed by BRI to enables integration between third-party application with BRI services. BRI API enables companies and institutions to ease their transaction experience for their customer.

Every API that we are offering are created by researching businesses need. Every problem that business experience becomes our data and our primary mission. We develop not just an API solution but also the mindset to solve an everyday business problem. Our contact information is always available for us to hear about your needs and feedback.

BRI API is open for any third-party user. (limited to startup/companies/government)

User can check our product page for more details.

For information about our API price, the user can contact our business division at

Please send user question to

User can. Please send us email to our contact info ( with subject “new service request”. Please send user email with this information:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Email
  • user-specific API services

If the user is already registered, then the email format:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Email
  • Write about BRI API service that user is using right now.
  • Write about user problem using our services

On the bottom side of the Login form, there will be a link for registration, press that links to register. Fill the required info:

  • Full name
  • E-mail
  • Password

After filling the registration information, activate user ID using link send from to use email. Lastly, sign in at BRI API.

User can press “Forgot Password” in sign in page.

A user can send email to using subject info API.

BRI never ask for a password to a user.

User must always keep their password secret.

Always to change your password immediately after requesting for password reset.

Invitation code is a code given for the third party that fulfills certain criteria and/or have made a cooperation agreement with BRI for access to more API products.

A user can sign in without getting an invitation code. The user will have access to our API that we showcase on our product page.

The user can send email to and ask about what cooperation agreement that can be made with BRI.

  • First, you register at and Create new account. Confirm your email to activate your BRI account.
  • Login to your account
  • After you log in, search for My Apps menu.
  • Choose your Preferred service product/API and click “Create App”.
  • BRI API will create your chosen services. The application name will be shown on My App list.
  • Click the app for details.
  • The status of the app is determined by the account. If you have already registered for data production then your app status is upgraded into production.
  • After you have done. Click the Log Out menu to exit.

In the process for listing user application, the user can choose user required API by choosing the available API or by choosing edit application on the application page.

No. user can use access token for the whole service with limited time within 1 hour. After more than 1 hour the access token is expired and user needs to renew user access token.

Yes. Each application will have different credentials. So user need to request a different access token for each of the application.

API key will be sent after the user completes the registration process and log in to BRI API. With this API key, you can access API Sandbox that provides dummy data for testing available services in BRI API