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Access various general information that you can connect
Balance Information
API Balance Information Services is BRI services that can be used for businesses to access consumer balance sheet information.
Mutation Information
An account statement services for consumers that want to access their transfer information on a specific time frame.
Foreign Exchange Information
Information services that can be used by consumers to show foreign exchange rate information in real-time.
BRI E-Channel Location
BRI services that give services to consumers about the nearest position of BRI’s E-Channel.
Category 2. Securely move money across BRI accounts
Transfer Antar Rekening BRI
Transfer services that enable consumers to transfer money to another BRI account. Only limited to BRI accounts.
Valas Transaction
A BRI service that enables consumers to exchange money through the use of telegraphic transfer. The transaction can only be done by BRI customers and walk-in customers.
Category 3. Transaksi pinjaman dengan mudah
Kredit Konsumer
Providing services for the application of Consumer Credit (KPR & KKB BRI).
BRI Credit Card
Providing BRI credit card submission services.
Category 4. E-wallet, online payment and other services by BRI.
Transaksi Valas
Foreign exchange transaction services are provided to accommodate the needs of third parties in conducting currency exchange transactions but are limited to only through TT (telegraphic transfer), this transaction can be carried out by BRI customers and Walk in Custom
BRIVA Services
API that enables businesses to access and uses BRIVA services.
Providing registration and payment services through E-Pay BRI.
T-Bank Service
Providing registration and transaction services through T-Bank.

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